Hi everyone its nikki here again!! On day 22 we traveled from punta gorda to san pedro. We went from one side of the country to another. We say goodbye to yogi the managers jane and brian and their children Jenna and bridget. We got to the airport. SUPER TINY!!! It wqs basically smaller then the air canada bathroom...for that matter it is smaller then the batroom. It is a tiny square. One TINY tv. Three or so old grose couches. And a bathroom. It is one stall. For men and women. ONLY ONE TOILET for the whole airport. But for the size if the airport. Its a pretty big bathroom....kind of! Also in the tiny airport there is a desk. There are like 3 peopel behind the desk. This is how you got yhou boarding pass:

WORKER: what is your name?

MY MOM:Dana Seligman/Schachter

WORKER:Here is your boarding pass!

Its a piece of paper the has theword BOARDING PASS on it and it was laminated. THERE WAS ABSOLUTLY NOOO SECURITY. It is a riny plane with one pilot that holds about 14 people. No bathroom. It was supposed to be a direct flight. But it wasnt. It was like an air taxi. You take your luggage with yiu to the plane then they take it for you. Ont the first flight wewere the only one in the plane. We werw sitting behinkd the pilot. There was nothing stopping us from tounching the pilot...( i wouldnt want to though) but thats how close we were. The pilots just like" please do yiu seatbelt up) then we leftt....some scary stuff. We madea few stopss.... We went from Punta Gorda to Dangaria to placencia to belize on the outskitts then nelize city two minutes qpart then caye caulker to san pedro...FINALLY. And with in all of that we did some pretty cool things, on the second stop the plane was all full so the lady said to jake"go sit beside the pilot" jakes like ok. But then he couldnt seeed out thr windows so I got to sit there...FREAKYYYY. Once we got there we gpt our lugfage and went outside. It was sooo different. Way more touristy ann way busier. A whole different country. I was sooo happy once we got there there were some kids..Finally and...our AGE. YAY. There were 3 twelve year old boys. One 12 year old girl. One 15 year old girl.  2 ten year old girls. And a uounger girl. We hung around with each other all day playing soccer. Theere were neta. To got to tranquilty bay ( the resort we stayed at we took an half an hour boat ride. We also played tons of gmaes with yhe bar tender at the bar. I pretty much started to work there and got peopel waters and beers. I knew were everytjing wss!! When i neded something i would just go back there get it and go...pretty easy!!! The cabins had sooo many bugs in them. I GOT BITTEN ALIVE. We stayed there cause we were 2 seconds from thr ocean and amazing snorkeoimg. 2nd best reef in thr world. Nexy morning theyput up screens...good odea!!

c ya later


nikki :P

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