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Hello Everyone!

And welcome back to mytripjournal! For those of you that followed my previous adventures, you are familiar with this format. For all you Wash U kids who sometimes forget I went somewhere until I start a story with "One time in Senegal" there are a whole bunch of stories that I think you can read on the other journal. But I stray from my point, introducing this journal!

So this journal is to chronicle my time in Toulouse, France. It will be pretty different from my last journal, as this time I will be a university student. At which university, you ask? Well, probably a couple of them. Toulouse has five universities, and I'm allowed to take classes in all of them, so we will see which ones end up working out for me.

I will be living with a family again, so at least I am used to that part. I will be living with Monsieur et Madame Gallet and their ten-year-old son, Vincent. The seem really nice, they have sent me LONG emails about themselves and asking lots of questions. At first I was worried they would see me as an au pair (they have had many before) but they have also had students and I think they are just really eager for me to get there.

For now I am four days away from my departure date, and it was time to get started on that pre-departure list. Right now it involves more hanging out with people that won't see me for months instead of real packing, but I thought I could get started on this bit at least as well. You can thank all of my friends going abroad that got theirs started before me that I feel any pressure to start it at all.

So yes, I suppose that is enough for now. I hope to find all the people that want to see this journal, and feel free to sign up for getting the emails when I update, or don't. Just store that link away and you will be able to see what I am up to. Hopefully I will keep this pretty up to date! Keep me posted on your lives, I love hearing from you! And comment all you like on the entries. (Although if there are spelling corrections I will call you out by name :P)

Call me in the next four days if you want to hear from me while I am still State-side!

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