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Marilyn & I both had a great night of sleep and didn’t wake up until 7:30 this morning.

We sipped our morning coffee and made a snap decision to go to Mingo’s for breakfast.

I grabbed my phone to see if Ted & Sue would like to go along, but my battery was nearly dead.

Marilyn’s phone rang and when she answered it was Ted, so we asked them to go with us.

They agreed and we picked them up about 10 minutes later, then drove into Mercedes.

We ate breakfast and lingered over coffee, talking, telling stories and just enjoying the company of these good friends.

Ted was planning to go to a wood carving display so I agreed to ride along with him, after dropping them off so that Ted could pick up his Jeep.

A few minutes after we arrived back at our RV, Ted came by to pick me up and away we went.

It is sometimes pretty amazing to see the talent of people. We saw beautiful wood carvings of all types. Some of the animal carvings looked very life-like.

Ted is one of the wood carvers although he calls himself a beginner.

He did have several of his knives sharpened while we were there.

We left and went looking for a park which has basketball hoops.

Ted drove through one of the parks here as we checked for basketball goals and we found a place where we could go to shoot hoops. That may be one of the activities we will play at before very long.

Back at the RV we dumped and rinsed the holding tanks, Marilyn did some laundry and I played golf on the Wii.

We watched some TV and decided to have popcorn for dinner.

I never turn down a chance to have popcorn and the result was that we sat together with fresh, hot popcorn, and watched one of the movies we brought home from Mexico the other day.

Tomorrow is another day and……………..Life is Good!

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