Welcome to my Journey Donna-Marie's 2005/2006 travel blog

Me outside the caves

Me anxd Ruth in the Cave entrance

The Glow worms

One of the caves going down


Me and the Bunny

The Bunny on the rack

I'm a little shocked!

She looks a little like a white 'Bigwig' from Watershipdowns!

What can i say!

Me the bunny and Sarah

Billys show house is something else

Ruth and our OAP brigade

Cousin Billy himself

Easing the audience into a false sence of security!









Trevor the dancing pig!















I woke quite early considering the late night and showered and got my self sorted, while Ruth was sorting herself out I went and got breakfast. I was sat in the dinning room, looking out of the patio doors onto the veranda overlooking the valley and hills. The only other couple left and a bird swooped in from nowhere and landed on there table, picking up the crumbs they had left on there table. I through a crumb over to the table and he came back. Then onto my own table. This went on and in the end he was nearly eating out of my hands. It was really cool just me and him!

After breakfast we checked out and made our way down to the Waitomo Cave which is famous for its glow worms and stalactites and stalagmites, we had decided against the black water rafting as it was too cold and thought we would do a boat trip. Unfortunately when we got there, the cave was half flooded so we couldn't do the boat trip but we could do the guided tour (about 40mins) for half price. Bargain! We were also lucky enough to be the only ones on our tour so we got the royal treatment. At one point we were in pitch black and our guide was singing a Mauri love song to show us how good the acoustics were. It was a fantastic sight and the glow worms just looked like little fairy lights scattered all over the ceiling. The cave itself was also an amazing sight and size. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos in the cave but out guide took the one of me and Ruth on the sly for us, and the others are just postcards to give you a little idea of the kind of things we saw. (But they just don't do it justice!)

After which we had been advised by the Scott's the previous evening to go the see the rabbit shearing. Yes Rabbit shearing, only the Kiwi's! Just up the road was a shop selling all sorts of different fibered good, but specialized in Angora rabbit fibre wool, and once every three months the rabbits get but on a rack, stretched out and sheared. We were assured that this was needed anyway, but we still think it a little cruel! What do you think? Also another example of how small the world is. As I walked in the building I here someone say Dee! Dee! It was only Sarah, the Irish girl I have done my PADI course with in Thailand! I didn't know she was in NZ and she didn't know was, and there we were in the middle of nowhere to watch the rabbit shearing!

We then made Billy Black's afternoon, animal farm and pioneer show. It was really funny as you can see by the photos. Billy is a complete nutter, on the farm he also has an old fighter plane and tram carriage he has converted into accommodation. The place is just a little unreal. Also apart from Ruth and me the other members of the audience where made up by an OAP day trip. Ruth had the rude old ladies sat by her and I had old farther time sat by me, who insisted telling me about the old times her remembered throughout the entire show. As we were in the front row. I got called up to help blow up a tree on stage and Ruth was called up to help wide the wheel to generate the electricity for Billy to sheer a sheep. It was very informative and really good fun.

After that we headed north east to Auckland, we arrive and checked in the YHA and then spent 4 hours in A & E as I had had a very painful wrist for quite a few days and it had started to get worse and swell up. After my x-ray the guy had told me that it looked like a break. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to hear back from the doctor, as I knew that if I had a plaster it would put pay to my diving in Cairns. The doctor came in and said she wasn't sure so they called in a specialist. Luckily he said that it looked normal of sorts, so I have just got a support brace and a sling, along with some strong painkillers. Few!

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