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Streets of Lamu

Lamu beach

Lamu streets

Lounging in Lamu

Lamu harbor


Back in Nairobi

Nairobi streets

Preparing for the camel racing

Camel #6 won me big money that day

Colobus monkey

Off the ferry in Mombasa

The train to Mombasa

view from the train

passing through villages

dinner cart

the Kenyan beast

Between being holed up in Nairobi for various reasons (waiting for Sudan, meeting other volunteers, waiting for a Visa), during which time I spent my time dodging traffic, drinking coffee at Nairobi Java House and hanging out at the hostel, I tried to make it over to the coast. The first stint I stayed a few days in Lamu, a small no-car, all-donkey Swahili island off the north coast of Kenya. It was a full-on Swahili experience of a cramped, hot, chaotic, fish-smelling and extremely diverse slice of life on the coast. Did I find it interesting? Absolutely. Did I enjoy it? Not really.

The second time on the coast I made it down to Diani Beach near Mombasa, a small, laid back beach town with a lot of sand and not much to do (save kite boarding). Was it interesting? Not really. Did I enjoy it? Hell yeah. It was hot as hell and I got the requisite sunburn on day 2. (Still peeling. PS: Sorry to friends back home about complaining about the heat). I met up with some cool people at the Stilts Tree House Guesthouses, watched (and bet on) camel racing, swam in the pee-warm water and took long mind-numbing walks on the beach.

The dream couldn't last too long unfortunately as I had to get back to Nairobi to catch a flight. I have decided to brave India for the second time, and since I have a friend living in New Delhi, I figured it would be a good place to land and live cheaply for awhile while I figure out my next move. India is an assault on the senses (and sometimes the sanity), but I think I'm game. My friend Darren advised me, "Don't worry dude, it's better the second time."

While keeping an eye on Sudan from afar, I'm looking into other volunteer-type opportunites. And I've got a map on the wall and a dart in my hand.

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