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See the time and effort we put into keeping ya'll updated!?!?

Lonely little car, we shale return

The Restaurant backed by the wall

Old, and for Shawana's ankle, very painful path

Beginning of the seige

More views from the top

Entrance to the upper island

Loooong way down

View from the top

See the swimming pool!?!?

Looking north towards Inca

Such a happy couple

Right now she's wondering when the last time I brushed my teeth...

Old guard tower

View down below

View through the olive trees

This wall is to keep the tourists in not the enemy out

Entrance to the shrine

Castle complex proper

Long way from lamb served at the restaurant

Old fire pit, wonder how many dirty jokes were told here...

Leaving the 2nd entrance

So this post should start off with a general description of our hotel room for the last three nights. I saw the Roc Portnova Apartments online and they looked both spacious and lovely. They were also very cheap, so to save a couple bucks for a few days we decided to give it a try. When we arrived Shawana was still in a lot of pain from having just sprained her ankle. If this is news look at the 27th...

Upon arriving and getting ourselves situated we noticed one thing, it was cold in our room. The temperature was only into the low 50's during the day and then dropped into the mid 30's at night. This being the off time of year, they built this building with no concern for the winter going crowd so only installed 'central heat'. This, by their definition, meant that the room did not have a thermostat and only the central spine of the hotel was heated, leaving the outer wings where the rooms are to get what would best be described as heat via osmosis.

When I went to the front desk to inquire, I was told that they had blankets and that was the best they could do. These blankets were quickly dubbed our Haitian relief blankets because the looked and felt very Red Crossy. We ended up taking showers in shifts so that we could use the heat coming off the water to try and heat the remainder of the apartment.

But it's moving day so we don't have to stay here anymore!! We were not due to check into our room in Alaro before around 4 o'clock so we decided to head up to Castillo d'Alaro. The castle was built a long time ago by some guy who owned a bunch of stuff and wanted to show how big his.... estate was so he put this castle in the most amazing spot I think on the entire island. Picture a cupcake on a table. Put trees on the table and then trees on top of the cupcake and then picture the sides of the cupcake as 200 foot tall limestone walls and that’s the general picture of what this place looks like.

It is truly impressive and it only has one spot where the wall drops to about 50 feet tall and they built a bunch of steps up to a giant gate and then another secondary gate that would keep all but the most persistent out. I think Shawana said that the muslims took the castle in 911 AD from the Christians after only a measly 8 years of siege against the castle. And yes, it was 911 when the muslims conquered the Christians, that did not illude us...

I'm gonna do a little non-chronological story telling right now just because we cmae up too late to get to hike the castle on the first day so on the 1st of Jan we returned to climb the rest of the way up. I'm sorry for the confussion but to be honest I started telling one day and then forgot where I was and finished telling today.... My bad but it's what happens when we forget to post and then fall behind and get screwed into writing 3 posts in one night to catch up!! But I digress...

So the road that leads to the castle is intense. It is a crazy drive up really small doubling back roads that lead up to a restaurant that apparently serves amazing lamb. From there it's another 1.2km to a parking spot where you then walk up the beginning of the castle stairs and 30 minute later leads you to the first of the gates.

There is also climbing along the walls that lead up t the castle and around the front. In the guide book it says that climbing is banned but there were people climbing at it today proving the point that the access to some spots on the island has been ruined by stupid people. The cliffs that over look the restaurant and also most of the island for that matter, have no wall because they didn't find it necessary to build a wall when no one is going to climb up the cliff to break into their castle. But for the weary there is a bar right next to an old monastery that holds a pretty cool mural of Jesus, God and the good old Virgin Mary. I wonder if God would approve the bar serving Boody Mary's or is that a little much???

We hiked back down to the car and then took our lives back in our own hands and drove off the mountain without too much issue. It's nice that most people around here actually understand that traffic coming downhill has the right away so most of the time the passing happens without incident. On our first trip up the mountain we came around the corner to this guy FLYING down the hill and you could tell by the dimming and then turning off of the headlights that he stalled because he couldn't depress the clutch fast enough. We called that corner stall bend and they were very appreciative after we had backed up to the last corner to let them pass.

Oher than that, we had a failed attempt to get to a olive oil farm and also a closed winery but that should be expected due to the time we got there. We are moving into Palma tomorrow and then only have like 4 days left so it's getting a little 'back to reality' at night when we start to realize we have to leave soon.

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