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Travelling to Nagarkot in Nepal via Kathmandu. A few surprises today, there is a 975 Rs departure tax when you leave India. We were scrambling to pay this as we cannot take Indian Rs into Nepal and we had spent almost of our Indian cash. No ATMs at this new airport and they only take cash, fortunately that meant any currency, including US$. An hour flight to Kathmandu, a few minutes to get through customs and we find our driver and an ATM to get some Nepalese Rs. Just as we were getting good at converting IRs into CAN$, we have to recalculate NRs into IRS and then into CAN$. The NRs is 63 Rs to 100 IRs or 3/5th value of the IRs. The drive to the hotel is through a narrow mountain road with so many switchbacks, we have lost count. We gain altitude quickly and the views are outstanding, the country side is covered with evergreen trees and the clearings are steps carved into the hillsides. The Eco home hotel is rustic but clean. It appears we are the only guests in this 10 room inn; consequently we have the entire staff to ourselves. We are having our Christmas dinner here at their restaurant. There are at least 5 people preparing our meal which consists of chicken, carrots, green beans and mashed potatoes. There is a hint of Nepalese spices in this traditionally western meal. It was a good substitute for a turkey dinner. The hotel manager comes over to talk to us and we explain to him that we need to call home either tonight or tomorrow, and we need to talk to our driver about tomorrow. There isn’t any cell service here, any Wife or internet, not unexpected, we are in the Himalayas. He uses his local land line to talk to our driver and arranges for one of his staff to walk up the hill where there is an international phone booth? It is 4 am back home and we will call tomorrow. The staff places a few hot water bottles in the bed to keep us warm tonight, it is comfortable temperatures during the day but drops to 4C at night and there isn’t a heat source in the room.

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