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So my orignial plan for today was a beach day, but I woke up and it was overcasted, so I went down to the front desk to find out what is there to do. The options they had were, take a 9 hour bus ride to and from Hana which is suppose to be gorgeous with waterfalls, or a 5 hour tour that brings you to the rainforest and hike into the rainforest and see waterfalls. I dread bus rides after last years advenutre with them and I went for the hike in the rainforest! So, there were about 10 people in our group. On the van ride to the rainforest, I found out that one of the girls who was traveling with her sister is from Chandler, AZ and lives right by my old house off of McQueen! What a small world. Then there was a honeymoon couple who was from Yuma but now live in California. I bonded with these three poeple because we realized into our hike that it was more of a field trip than a hike, which we all were hoping it was going to be our workout for the day! Plus we had this mother and son from Chicago that asked SO MANY questions!! Our tour guide must have been a botanist in his previous life cause he would stop and every plant and tell a story! I was going more for the exercise and views. Oh well! I had a great time chatting with others and found out the bride is a speech patholgist and has her own clinic and is working with this software company to help her speech kids. It just gave me an idea of another direction I could go some day! I always have been interested in speech pathology since I had to go to one for 5 years when I was little. Well, the waterfalls were pretty and some of the group jumped in and went swimming but the water was too cold for me! We stopped at a cliff on the shore on the way back to the ship to watch some of the surfers ride the waves where they call JAWS since the waves can be up to 30-50 feet high. It was pretty cool! Then I went back to the ship and rested and had dinner. I normally ate at the Aloha Cafe' cause it was a buffet and had many options. Plus the other nicer restaurants you had to pay a cover charge, where this place was already included in what I paid initally. Then I headed to the Gold Rush Saloon and had a few. I meet this girl and guy where were brother and sister and traveling with thier parents for the holidays. Kelly lives in Chicago and is a professor at Northwestern, so I asked if she knew my brother but didn't. Brian lives in Orange County and works for the dad's business. They seemed to come from money and complained a lot about the trip, where I was grateful to be on the trip and exploring Hawaii!! Anyways, we hung out that night and went over to the "Dance Club" on the ship for thier 70s night, however it was not successful and only about 15 people were in there. There was this asian group that walked in with panda hats which was pretty funny when I tried to steal one of them to wear on the dance floor. haha I got caught. Then I decided "DJ Dynasty" was not doing the best so I went up to his laptop and told him which songs to play and he did! :) Kelly and Brian were busy at the bar buying shots for all of us and for the teenagers sneaking in the club to drink. It was a rough night, but fun!

**Laura, Pink Champagne Bar would be your favorite place to drink! :)

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