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The kids were thrilled with their horns and masks

Frieda practicing for the hoola hoop competition

The property where the party is held each year in Fiddler's Bight....

15 of the children showed up at Kelly's house about a week...

7 bags of gifts, separated into younger and older girls and boys,...

Mary practicing the hoola hoop. Mary is 5 and goes to school...

this little boy was shy and it took a while before he...

practicing for the hh competition

the children adore the snowman

most of the children love having their picture taken and even more...

a very happy little guy

Poor Santa, strung up for his beating

the youngest children went first



lining up for food

a girls line and a boys line, look at the boy on...

lunch time



9 months old and Grampa's girl

gift time - Alex with the older boys




the older kids lining up last for food

teenagers finding a place to hang out

Kelly breaks the ice by going first in the hoola hoop competition

some of our gringo friends watching the hoola hoop contest

Bob and Rosalie, who are from BC, but live in Sandy Bay,...


Liz with the older girls


Kim with the younger boys

here with his older sister, all by themselves by boat

thank you, he said to me, as I took his picture

the older sister, who runs the family gas station and apparently is...

a picture worth a thousand words

Despite the rainy day, the annual children's party in Fiddler's Bight was a huge success. 60 or more children showed up as well as parents of mostly the smaller children. Imagine the delight when each child was greeted with noisy loud horns and a little bottle of bubbles to blow and colorful masks to wear.

Kelly bought hoola hoops for a contest and the kids had a riot playing with them. When the time came for the winners to get their prizes, it was a physical challenge to pry the hoops from the non-winners hands. No matter, there were plenty of gifts yfor the children and they each received several.

Early in the festivites a Santa pinata was raised into a tree and the game began. I was amazed how organized it actually was. Teenage boys worked the pinata, pulling it up and lowering it as the need arose, making sure it didn't come open before each child had a turn bashing poor Santa. The smallest children went first, some so young that they needed help holding the stick. By the time the older children got their hands on the stick, the poor fellow was falling apart. Each time a few candies fell from the pinata the crowd of children scrambled to get them and the teenagers quickly grabbed the child with the stick who is intent on Santa and not noticed the pile of kids on the ground below.

Finally when the candies pour out of the pinata the kids go wild. Mothers rush forward to rescue their children from the pile of bodies. I truly feared for the ones on the bottom, this is a very rough game but part of the culture here.

Next the lunch was served. Rice, cake and juice. Two orderly lines were formed, girls and boys, youngest to oldest and the serving began. Quiet descended as the children ate, no child needs to be told to clean their plate.

After lunch the Church lady ready the kids a bible story and then we had the hoola hoop contest and then it was gift time. Each child received several gifts and few opened them. Mothers bagged them and took them home, I suppose to save for Christmas. The kids were thrilled with all their gifts, as the pictures show.

To watch a short video from the kids party copy the shortcut below into your web browser or go youtube and search under account johnmelw.

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