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My little neices!

Catching up on my godmother duties!

Cute or what!

Was great to see the family again, have a fridge full of food and a double bed and duvet! The little things I have snoring in the room has been a real bonus!

When I arrived my two boxes from Bangkok had arrived so it was like Xmas! Listening to all my CD's today and its heaven.....all legal of course!

I had forgotten I had bought two Tiger beer t-shirts so wearing one with pride today!

Sorry the last few entries on the web are quite bland but I just wanted to get back and relax! I never thought I would look forward to coming home but I have traveller fatigue and will be happy for a little while to go back to day to day life. Don't be fooled this is not a long term feeling....South America will me my next port of call.......come on did you think I really had seen enough of the world!!! This is me!

Four months was just enough time, even three months would be good. I have no idea how people travel for a year non-stop etc...


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