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Strasbourg Christmas market lights

Le Grand Sapin - the great Christmas spruce tree - it's really...

Strasbourg Cathedral spire disappearing into the fog

Pillar of Angels in Strasbourg Cathedral

little village at the base of the giant spruce

We wish you all a happy peaceful Christmas and new year!

One day and night in Strasbourg to take in the famous Christmas markets and gawk in awe at the impressively tall Cathedral spire, which was the tallest building in Christiandom until relatively recently (19th century). Tres Gothic. Of course, we're thinking of you, Peter and Diane! It was a bit drizzly and foggy and the tip of the spire literally disappeared from view into the fog!

We supped on Bretzle (real giant Pretzels) and roasted chestnuts (me) and sweet doughnuty things and drank mulled wine (me) while wandering the markets this evening. There was a skating rink we opted not to try out. But there're no snow left.

We arrived here today by train from Nantes. I understand air travel is a total mess from London, especially... I'm so happy with the European trains! (well, I did complain a bit this morning, because the seats we had were in a section with funny windows from which we really could not see well - and I wanted to see the country we were crossing!) The whole east of France is very flooded. There was snow in the Vosges area, but otherwise, it's all melted, it seems. Lots of fog. The "high speed" train had to travel at local train speeds all the way east of Paris. But we got here, albeit an hour late, which is scandalous for normal -very punctual - service!

Tomorrow we travel on to Germany, to spend Christmas with my old German exchange family in Konstanz. Sometime in the new year, we intend to head to the south of France. But that's far in the future... !!!

For now, we want to wish you all a happy holiday season.

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