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BJs Backyard hosted our annual "gift wrapping" party along with the regular...

The toys begin to arrive

Kelly (left), the toys are for the kids!

Queen Barbara, one of our wrappers, is happy to be back on...

Pat, from s/v Homeward Bound, currently in Jonesville, joined our wrapping party

Liz is new to the island, living in Port Royal and wrapped...

Regalos bonito





New talent at the jam session

Karen making her singing debut at BJs

Last Sunday was the gift wrapping party at BJs backyard, held in conjunction with the Banditos Live performance. A record crowd showed up for the event, gringos arriving with bags of gifts, mostly purchased back in the US and Canada. We are all asked to donate as many small, dollar store type gifts as we can handle. The challenge is finding room in our bags when we fly back to the island, since we all try to shop for things we cannot find here. Everyone found room for some gifts for the needy children, many of whom would otherwise not wake up to find anything from Santa on Christmas morning.

We take for granted back in our land of plenty that Santa will come but here there is n such certainly for the children. I heard one story about a woman with 6 children who purchased 3 shiny, red apples on Christmas eve, half for each child.

This is just one way to make a difference. We can't help each child on the island, but to bring a little pleasure to a few helps. Gringos do this all over the island, in different communities and we are happy to give back a little to these people who graciously welcome us into their homeland.

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