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We got to Patras at 10:30 am or so, then parted ways with everyone we met. They were all taking the train, but DJ and I were going to take the bus because we heard the trains were very slow and unrealiable. We took the bus to Korinth, about 2 hours on the bus which was nice and air conditioned, but a little tight on leg room. We got off there to transfer buses. Reading in the Rough Guide book on Greece, I thought it was going to be a major hassle transfering there and that we would have to make another transfer before we actually got to Nafplion, but luckily our next bus came right where we were dropped off (it looked like a brand new bus station) within a half hour, and it went straight to Nafplion, which took about an hour.

So, we arrived in Nafplion around 4pm and got a room at an old 60s hotel that is super big with a nice big balcony overlooking the park across the street. It was recommended in the guidebook in the cheapest price range. (However, the next day we looked around and found a hotel that is in the old town and is cheaper that we are going to move to tomorrow. It wasn't in the guidebook)

At 5pm we needed food, but Greeks eat lunch between 1-3pm and dinner between 9-11pm. Most things were closed that were close by and we didn't feel like walking far at this point, so we ate at this little place by our hotel that made hamburgers and fries. We got to eat outside on the sidewalk by the park, which was very relaxing and the weather was perfect. The hamburger, however, was an interesting experience. The meat almost tasted like a veggie burger, so I don't know exactly what it was or how it was processed, and instead of tomato slices, there were the biggest hunks of tomato that squished out when you took a bite of the burger. Plus there was a ton of ketchup. :( Anyway, we were hungry before we ate and not hungry after we ate, and that's what counted at that point.

DJ checked out prices of renting a moped, then we went back to our hotel. It was about 7pm and we were going to take a short nap (which DJ did), but I ended up sleeping straight through the night with my contacts in and my clothes on. I didn't think I was THAT tired, but I guess I was. DJ watched a 007 movie that was on in English, subtitled in Greek. Talking to the bartender on the ferry, I guess most movies and TV shows shown in Greece are subtitled in Greek instead of dubbed (like we saw in France and Italy), so if you find an English show, then you're good to go. But a lot of the shows are Italian, Spanish, and Latino. I did see they had Young and the Restless on, though.

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