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Christmas Train Depot

The Robert E Lee Rail Of Lights Steam Train Decorated For Christmas

Rail Of Lights Display As Seen From Inside Our Train Car

Trees Wrapped With Lights!

More Tree Wrapping With Lights Seen On The "Rail Of Lights" Ride

Marion County Courthouse Decked Out For The Holidays

The Jefferson Hotel

An Old Stone Texaco Gas Station Showing Its Holiday Cheer

Glory Dayz Restaurant

50s & 60s Era Decor At Glory Dayz

Another Look At Glory Dayz's Interior

Outside Dining Area On Brick Patio

From Buckhorn Creek Park – Jefferson, TX

BREAKING NEWS……There was a train robbery that occurred the evening of December 17 in the city of Jefferson, TX. What makes this robbery unique is that there were no reported masked bandits aboard the train but nonetheless yours truly felt $38.98 was stolen when we purchased our two tickets to ride “The Rail of Lights” steam train.

It began with a sound system that was way too loud, a female voice that was very high pitched and almost fingernail on the blackboard irritating. When she was not telling us to look right or left only to see large drawings and paintings on plywood with a spot light lighting them up, someone was using the same bad sound system to sing Christmas Carols most being sung badly off key.

Between the spotlighted paintings and the stories that accompanied them, wrapped tree trunks with colored lights would suddenly be seen instead of the blackness of night. A couple of these lighted tree trunk displays can be seen in photos posted with this entry; I just know they will take your breath away!

Enough of that bad experience. After we departed the train, we drove to town, parked the truck and walked the few brick paved blocks making up the downtown business district. The streets were decorated by the city with lighted poinsettias high on street light standards. Most businesses added to the Christmas spirit with decorations to their individual buildings, making this area of Jefferson come alive at this special time of the year. Since arriving in this area, we have one trail of lights city down and one to go. Score for the participating cities we have visited thus far, 1 good and 1 bad.

The evening was not a total loss. Before going to the train depot, we were looking for a place to get a bite to eat and spotted a portable sign on a corner advertising “Glory Dayz” just down the side street where it sat. We looked at each other and said “why not” and made the block parking in front of the restaurant.

The exterior was lavishly decorated for the season but when you entered the front door, you had to take a step back in awe at the interior décor. From the seasonal decorations high above your head to the concrete floor splashed with multi-colored paint splatters this interior was a mecca of 50s & 60s era furnishings and decorations.

Their menu specialty was Panini sandwiches and to keep with the theme of the establishment, their names were of Hollywood stars in this era. For example, two grilled hot dogs were the “Lucy & Ricky”, I had a roast beef, tomato, red onion and provolone cheese and it was a “James Dean”, then Rudy had a turkey, tomato, red onion and cheddar cheese called the “Bo Diddley”. They serve tea, sodas, beer, and have a large selection of wines.

On our trips to the restroom, Rudy reported that the mirror in the men’s room was the windshield of a 57 Chevy and the ladies mirror was the rear window of a 50s model pink Cadillac. In one corner was a small gift shop with Coca-Cola collectibles and lots of unique things with the wine theme. They also had an outside brick patio where you could enjoy your meal, but the weather was a bit chilly for that on this night.

We would recommend this eatery if you find yourself in this part of East Texas. It offers good food and is a never ending visual delight while you dine.

Till Later……….

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