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From Lake Texana State, TX

Well since last making a journal entry, we have fished with a class of 1st Graders, found and returned missing children to their parents, attended yet another County Fair and enjoyed some homemade ice Park – Edna cream with some of the other host couples. We also enjoyed seeing the Phillies send the Dodgers off to enjoy their off season last night.

I am sure that at least one other Philly fan back at BP in Texas City celebrated the win and a trip to the World Series. Randy might have even gone out for a late “Philly Cheesesteak” after the game. Now if Tampa Bay can just close out Boston tonight, medium and small market MLB teams can shine in the spotlight, to the dismay of the media and executives of Major League Baseball – I would LOVE IT!

Back to the joys of living this lifestyle while at the present time hosting in one of the best parks in Texas. As I said in my last post, this is the time of year that groups enjoy coming together for some outdoor enjoyment with the weather more suitable to tent camping and just being out of doors. Last weekend the park was again full of scout groups meaning lots and lots of young children.

It was on Saturday afternoon a young girl knocked on our door and said she was lost and needed to know how to get back to her camping site. After telling us the number of her site which was located in the other section of the park, we told her to get in the “buggy” and we would take her and her bicycle back. As we were crossing the bridge that separates the two camping sections of the park, a car flagged us down and it was her mother who had been looking for her while thinking worst case scenarios. I got a big hug and we both got lots of “Thank Yous” for our efforts. Being parents, we knew the sincerity of these kind gestures.

On our way back from returning Natalie to her Mom, a boy stopped us and said his brother was missing. Getting a description of the boy and the site to which he belonged, we began a search for a second missing child. To be sure that he had not returned to his site while his brother was out looking for him, we stopped and asked the father if Alex was missing. The father’s reaction was one of “I don’t know” and very little concern. So we set out to find Alex.

After asking a group enjoying a program at the Amphitheater if they had seen a child on a red bike, with a black riding helmet and wearing glasses, we were directed to the other side of the water/electric camping loop. Low and behold as we cut through to the other side of the loop, there was Alex riding his bike while trying to read a park map to find his way back across the bridge to his site.

Once we asked his name and site number to be sure it was him, we said we would follow in the “buggy” to be sure he got back to his family. Unlike the earlier reunion of Natalie and her mother, not even a thank you or show of emotion that Alex had been found from this father or other adult members at the camp site.

The staff has informed us of another full park this coming weekend again. There will be eight individual groups enjoying the great out of doors. Wonder what memories these groups will have to offer?

The day before on Friday, a group of 1st Graders came to the park to learn about reptiles from Cindy, the park’s Nature Center Ranger and enjoy some fishing. It was a group of about 35 children and as half watched the presentation about reptiles, the other half came to the fishing pier to learn and experience cane pole fishing. My friend Linda and I “got” volunteered to bait hooks and keep fishing lines untangled for this group of 6 and 7 year olds. Now those that know me know that I am not known as a “fishing expert” but surely I should know a little more than a 1st Grader! Linda on the other hand has enjoyed fishing and should get me out of any embarrassing situations.

We arrived early and got the poles ready for the first group and as they arrived we let each child choose “minnow or worm” for their hook and baited it for them. Then we watched as they waited for their bobbers to go under hoping to catch the “big one”.

Lo and behold, the littlest girl cried out “I think I have a fish” and she did. I helped her pull it out of the water while Linda netted it and brought it to the pier. She had caught an 18”, pound and a half catfish! The teachers took several pictures of her and her catch of the day.

When this group left, we tried getting the poles ready once again for the next group and found that from the 22 poles we started with, we only had 16 left without twisted line or parts of the pole missing after falling through the pier cracks and floating down the lake! Thankfully, we did manage to get every child a complete pole in the second group. A boy in this group caught another catfish, but this one was a baby weighing only ounces and not very long. However, he had his picture made with his catch of the day also!

On Sunday, after all the groups of campers had left the park and once again the serenity of nature took hold with the deer, squirrels and other creatures feeling safe to come out of hiding we went to the host site of Claude and Sue. They had made some delicious homemade Heath Bar ice cream which everyone enjoyed while sitting around visiting with one another. What a way to end the day!

As mentioned earlier in this posting, we once again attended a County Fair. The Jackson County Fair was held at the fairgrounds located in Edna. It was smaller than the other ones in Iowa and Nebraska, but the livestock raised and the exhibits by the young people in this county were just as amazing as the larger fairs earlier. I still am in awe of what talent the younger generation poses when I see the results of their efforts on display. This is what has made “fair goers” of us and our friends, Sonny and Linda and I am sure if we are in the vicinity of other County Fairs we will keep attending these events. After all, where else can you get your fill of Funnel Cake?

As I close this entry my wish is that each and every one of you reading will take time to enjoy each day and what it has to offer. Being able to live “the simple life” has shown us how much joy we missed in our hectic prior working lifestyle. Maybe fulltime RVing is not for you, but you can take a day here and there to just go out and travel some backroads experiencing and seeing what this great country has to offer. As they say, “stop and smell the roses” along the way. I know you will not regret taking the time.

Till Later……….

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