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From Berry Springs RV Park - Georgetown, TX

(Map location is Onalaska to show route to Georgetown)

Well, just a quick journal entry to let everyone know that we left Perrin and Mitchell Resort & RV Park on Tuesday, September 9 in the morning and arrived at Northshore RV Park in Onalaska, Tx the same day. Onalaska is located just to the west of Livingston, Tx.

Our friends, Sonny & Linda came up yesterday, Wednesday, to get away from the Galveston area and Ike. We thought we would be out of harms way as the storm at that time was forcast to make landfall between Corpus Christi and Port Lavaca and Onalaska would have us out of any high winds or other bad weather. WRONG!

As we watched the Weather Channel Wednesday evening, they were changing the landfall slowly up the coast of Texas and now they said because it was such a large storm, hurricane force winds of about 90 MPH would be inland as far as Livingston!

So got up this AM at 4:15 and turned on the TV with the same expected landfall; possibily even further up the coast, so held a "round table meeting" and decided to move farther west and thus, we are now in Georgetown at the Berry Springs RV Park.

At least, this lifestyle gives you the option to just hook up the rig and move at a moments notice. But you still have that anxeity of a pending storm of Ike's size and its far reaching effects.

Our son and his wife live in Spring, just north of Houston by the Intercontinental Airport and they have elected to "shelter in place" as they are outside of any storm surge. A Mother being a Mother, always worries about her "chicks" and hopefully they will be OK in their home. We will keep in CLOSE contact with them and they have promised to move out if conditions warrant and it is safe to do so.

With all of these storm related moves and worries, we plan to stay here until at least Monday and hope at that time, we can return to La Marque and still be able to keep all our appointments that have been arranged for the last two weeks of this month for Rudy, myself and even Cody.

Also, as those following the journal are aware we have a hosting position for the month of October at Lake Texana State Park in Edna, very near Port Lavaca and at Brazos Bend State Park in Brazoria County for November. We truly pray that Ike does not damage these parks to the extent they can not reopen after Ike comes ashore. We know first hand that with Rita, Village Creek State Park in Lumberton was damaged and did not reopen for almost a year.

We also hope and pray that all our friends in the Galveston area have gotten out of harms way or ride out the storm without bad results to homes or their persons. This is one of the reasons, we did not like living on the Gulf Coast for nearly 40 years. However, we were really lucky for the past 25 years that the "Big One" never came ashore in the Galveston area and caused major damage. Even during Alicia 25 years ago, we stayed in our home and only experienced power outage and that was for less than a day.

So with thoughts and prayers for those who will be in the path of Ike in about 30 hours, I close this update journal with you knowing we are safe and our whereabouts until the passage of Ike.

Till Later.....

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