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Southern Bell Miniature Train Depot & Store

Miniature Golf


Queen Wilhelmina Lodge & Restaurant

Park Campsite Area

Our Site #24

Another View Of Site #24

Rear Living Room Window View

Rear Area Of Campsites

Hazy Park Overlook View

Hazy Vista View

Town Of Acorn Seen In Haze Below

Another Vista View - Note Low level Cloud Below Mountain Tops

Final Vista View - Not As Much Haze This Time

From Queen Wilhelmina State Park – Mena, AR

We are sitting atop the 2nd highest mountain in the state of Arkansas – Rich Mountain. It is here on Rich Mountain that Queen Wilhelmina State Park is located. This state park reigns above the Quachita (“wah-shi-tah”) Mountains at approximately 3,000 feet above sea level.

Wikipedia states these are fold mountains like the Appalachians to the east and were originally a part of that range! At one time the Quachita Mountains were very similar in height to the current Rocky Mountains in elevations. However due to age, the tops of the Quachitas have eroded away leaving low formations that used to be the heart of the mountains.

The Quachita Mountains contain the Quachita National Forest, Hot Springs National Park as well as numerous state parks and scenic byways. The immediate area is noted for quartz crystal deposits around Mount Ida, Arkansas.

The park has 41 campsites, the Lodge with restaurant, and a picnic area with playground. There are several trails for hiking to be enjoyed by visitors and park amusements include the Southern Bell Depot train ride and miniature golf.

It has been nice to see the beautiful scenic overlook views from the park and at several vistas found on the 12 mile road into Mena at the base of Rich Mountain. If you are like me and prefer staying at the campsite and avoiding those “curved and steep” roads, then nature can be enjoyed sitting outside on the deck area or from the large picture size windows within the trailer.

The two days since we arrived the weather has been a little warm, but otherwise very delightful. There has been a haze when you look below from the scenic overlooks but we have been told this is due to humidity and is more likely there than not. Hard to believe is when you return inside and turn on the Weather Channel, there is Gustav heading for the Gulf!

We certainly are hoping it does not reach the Texas coast, but also do not want to wish another large storm on the Louisiana/Mississippi area. But it has to go somewhere and we will be watching and hoping all remain safe and that your property withstands any of the elements cast your way.

Rudy right now is asking if this site would be available for another few days in case the remnants of Gustav are predicted to affect the areas that we are next scheduled to visit. These would be Texarkana and the Piney Woods of Texas.

Once again, that is a luxury of this lifestyle, to stay out of harmful weather’s way by changing your next destination or delay the arrival date until the situation is more favorable.

Have included a few photos of the park and views from vistas along our drive of the surrounding area. Next entry may not be for several days as we just plan to sit atop Rich Mountain, read, relax, watch some TiVo taped shows and movies and catch up on some odd jobs in and around the trailer.

Till Later……..

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