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From Pine Grove RV Park – Greenwood, NE

Our second county fair visit in 8 days! As they say “When in Rome do as the Romans do”. Well, when visiting small rural communities, county fairs are the place to be this time of the year. It is amazing the support we have seen from local and surrounding county residents for both fairs we have attended.

This support was seen again today at the Lancaster County Fair held in Lincoln. The youth exhibits once again showed immense talent by the local 4-H members. Animals raised and cared for by local 4-H and FFA members showcased more of the area’s youth talent and hard work.

Looking at the luscious vegetables grown and on exhibit, put many farmer's markets to shame. The baking exhibits with all the homemade bread, cookies, pies and other goodies would have been very tempting had any of it been for sale.

This fair did not have a youth rodeo like we enjoyed last Friday, but it did have Pig Races that began today and dog obedience and agility events. The dog agility was an event that I wanted to watch as I had seen it at the Houston Dog Show and enjoyed it very much.

While awaiting the agility event, they announced "if any strong men would like to help unload the agility equipment, we would appreciate it". So, Rudy & Sonny volunteered with some prompting from their wives. Told them to participate really added to the enjoyment!

However, there were only a few entries with both dog and handler having limited experience in the sport. This lack of experience made for enjoyable and very interesting course runs by the young participants and their dogs.

We returned to the campground by mid afternoon. I started some wash and Rudy installed a doorbell on the trailer. While testing the chime when the doorbell was pushed, it also rang our friend’s doorbell on their trailer next door. Ooops!

Guess just like garage door openers, the pin setting happened to be the same on both devices. To keep our neighbors from running to the door and no one being there a pin setting change was needed immediately.

Want to take a moment to thank the many loyal readers of the journal and also the ones that find us through the MTJ website. Again if you know of interesting places around the area that we are currently visiting, please leave us a message so we can check it out also.

It is by your messages, information collected at State Visitor Centers, researching the web and information on places to visit in other MTJ journals that I read on a regular basis that we find and enjoy area attractions. We then pass our experiences on to you through journal entries and photos.

Hopefully the combination of words and pictures make you want to put it on your list of “places to see and do” or perhaps even on a list entitled “think we can bypass this one”. Either way, we want you to continue to follow our journey and give us your feedback.

Till Later……..

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