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From On-Ur-Wa RV Park – Onawa, Iowa

The most wonderful thing happened today. We made the drive from Chamberlain or should I say Oacoma, SD without any problem. When we arrived at Onawa, we checked in and were assigned Site 25.

Becky who checked us in said to drive around and she would meet us in the spot to help us get parked. As we pulled into our spot, I told Rudy look, there is another HitchHiker Discover America right next to us. Before I got the words out of my mouth, someone was knocking on the truck window. The next thing Rudy heard was my screams of joy for outside the window was Linda, my best friend whom I had not seen in over a year and a half.

She and Sonny had been following our trip journal and we had exchanged some e-mails and Rudy had talked with Sonny on several occasions with the plan that we would finally get to see them in October when we next hosted at Lake Texana in Texas. We had hoped for an earlier get together but each had plans up until that time.

Well, as they say “Plans Can Change” and to our astonishment Linda and Sonny knew we would be here and arrived last Thursday awaiting our arrival. Becky from the park office was in on the secret and they all pulled it off.

I am sitting here making this entry and still can’t believe they are here with us and we will be together for the next 4 weeks. I have waited and anticipated this day of reunion and warm hugs for a long time and now it has arrived. I must say it was better than any thing I had imagined and cannot wait to enjoy the next 4 weeks and many more in the years to come.

Now that I have shared this wonderful moment with you, just a little bit of what happened last night in South Dakota. As I wrote in my entry of yesterday, we were at a campground on the Missouri River in Chamberlain. However as you noticed in the opening paragraph, the town of Oacoma, SD was mentioned.

To back up, when we arrived at American Creek Campground we were assigned a site and when Rudy went to plug in to the electricity, the 30 amp receptacle was upside down and when checked by his EMS (Electrical Management System) it showed a reverse polarity. He then checked the next site over and it was OK so asked management if we could move.

Got set up in the new site and all was registering well on the EMS. Went to get some supper, returned and still all was reading OK on the electrical system. About 7:00 PM the AC went off, thought it had reached the temp setting but when Rudy walked by the refrigerator to be sure it was still working, it had switched to gas. He immediately went out and checked the EMS readings and it showed a ground fault code. In addition line one showed 134 volts and line two showed 135. BIG PROBLEMS!

He came to the door and said “We are leaving, start pulling in the slides”. This is how we ended up in the small town next to Chamberlain which was Oacoma, SD. So, if you have plans on staying at American Creek Campground, which we highly recommend you do not, make sure you check and recheck the electrical system at your site.

Once again, this day will be one that Rudy and I will remember forever thanks to the wonderful surprise arranged by our best friends Sonny and Linda. Thank you both.

Till Later…….

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