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From Lake Texana State Park – Edna, TX

Hello again from our hosting position at Lake Texana State Park. We have now been here about 6 weeks and the time has just flown by. We are enjoying this absolutely “BOO-ti-ful!” weather this Halloween season. The park for the last three weekends has been full with groups of youngsters that are enjoying themselves immensely and showing their talents as “Pumpkin Carvers”.

Saturday night the park held its annual “Haunted Trail” at the pavilion area. All the hosts worked all day Saturday to get the decorations, games and trail ready for that evening. Talk about lack of organization, this was a prime example. However, those in attendance that evening seemed to enjoy the festivities, especially the youngsters in their costumes and those participating in the pumpkin carving contest.

Rudy and Sonny were assigned the “fishing pole” game. This is where the child drops a pole over the wall and those behind the wall put a “fish” or in this case a piece of candy on the pole and give it a tug. The child pulls the pole back over the wall and takes the “catch” off their poles. At times hard hats and face shields would have been nice protection for those behind the wall. But a good time was enjoyed by both the kids fishing and those big kids behind the wall!

A couple of Mondays ago we took a drive over to Rockport which is about 80 miles south on Hwy. 35. Our mission was to drive through several RV parks to see if they would meet our needs if we decided to make this seaside area home base sometime in the future. It would give one the opportunity to explore the Corpus Christi, Padre Island and King Ranch area of the state. Rudy & I grew up in this part of Texas, but our friends would like to enjoy some of the sights we have talked about before leaving this area of South Texas, so we are looking into all possibilities. As I have stated many times, nothing in this carefree lifestyle is “set in stone”, so we look at all avenues before deciding on our next destination.

A few days after we had made the road trip to Rockport, we read on a message board for NuWa Owners that a couple we met in Gillette at the Escapade was going to be in Rockport for the next 2 weeks. So we contacted them, found out the park in which they were staying and planned to once again drive down and have lunch with them on our next day off from hosting duties. Our friends; Sonny & Linda planned to go also and meet Greg and Judy whom they knew from the message board but had never met. However, on the planned day to visit with Greg and Judy, it was just Rudy & I that made the trip to Rockport as our friends were unable to go.

We had lunch outdoors on the patio at Moon Dogs located at the water’s edge. We enjoyed a nice visit getting to know each other better since our introduction at the Escapade was very brief and in a larger group setting. Hopefully our travels will allow us to meet once again down the road.

Some of our other off time from park duties has been used for trips to Victoria, El Campo or Port Lavaca to get supplies and groceries from Wal-Mart. Rudy has also taken a day trip to return to the Texas City area for a couple of doctor appointments. I still need to get my yearly check up and medications refilled in the near future so will be making this trip again before month’s end.

I know that we would change nothing about our decision to live each day as we have since this journey began some eight months ago. I hope that each of you are enjoying every day to its fullest no matter the circumstances of your life at this time. Remember that “you only have TODAY, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come”. Till Later……….

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