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Our last few days of class were quite relaxed. We watched movies, played games like Scattergories (or a version of it anyways) and Taboo, and learned about Christmas from our student teachers. It was a great way to relax at the end of the semester and a lot of fun.

For our last day, the teachers bought some Bûche de Noël - a traditional French Christmas dessert. We wanted to try all of the flavors, and eventually we all resorted to just digging in with our forks - I swear our teachers were just cringing inside haha. We also had a drawing contest where one group described a kids drawing and the rest of us had to try and draw it to match. The closest one won. We won the first one, but we didn't have a definite result on the last one.

I am sad to be done my classes, and am definitely going to miss my classmates.

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