Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Bill and Phil taking a break

Peggy, Gordon,Sharon,Mary Lou, and Harlen in the cabin

old covered wagon

the windmill, Sally's Christmas present

the cabin

Mary Lou's cabin (museum)

the front door

inside the cabin

their mom and dad

two old cowboys- Gordon and Bill (Bill is a REAL cowboy)

horses coming to greet us


I miss my horsies

VLA (very large array)



poster 2

Donna and Ed

notice the people?

have you ever seen sky this blue?

there are jet streams everywhere here

repair center



Another great trip to report on. Darrell wanted to go to Beaverhead, although everyone said there was nothing there. There may be nothing there, but the drive is beautiful! It reminded me of northern Mn. There were big pine trees, and open fields of hay.

We stopped almost at the end of the road, and had lunch. We were with Darrell and Suzie, Brian (a newly retired mailman), Sally, and us.

They were right, once we got there, there wasn't much there. Except a ranger station, AND BIGFOOT!!! You will see in the pictures. We thought of Ken right away. He was very friendly Ken, and good looking.

On the way home, the sun was setting, and beautiful. We tried to capture it out the window to no avail.

Our next adventure was going to 2 sisters' ranch. We met them (Mary Lou and Sally) on our Carlsbad trip. They own over 3000 acres which their grandparents homesteaded over 100 years ago. It was very cool, and they were very welcoming. It is basically a museum. We had a picnic, visited, and took the tour. They told us to come back anytime. As we were driving off the ranch, their horses came galloping across the range, and came right up to Sue's window and stuck their head in.

Ed and Donna took us to the VLA (very large array). It is a scientific base where they monitor radio waves from outer space. If you have seen the movie "Contact", with Jodie Foster, that is where alot of it was filmed. They do claim that they do not look for aliens, but they are alert to such things. These sattelite dishes are as big as a baseball field, and move on railroad tracks. They observe radio signals from other planets that are over a million years old. How they know is beyond my education, but they spend alot of time and money doing it. We thought of Larry Westerberg immediately when we saw it. He would love it.

We stopped in Magdalena for lunch, and had a green chile burger. Put it on your list, if you haven't had one. Our group included Ed,Donna, and Bailey, Don and his dogs, Darrell and Suzie, and Cliff and Karen. We had a great day. After lunch, we stopped for a quick shopping tour in Socorro, in the plaza.

Hope you are all getting ready for the holidays. Sue and I are bumming about not being home for the holidays, but is just to difficult. You are in our hearts always.

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