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Carrcassone castle between the inner and outer wall

Medieval weapons shop

The lolly shop

Nick and Harry at Medieval well

Mum inside the chateau

6th of December

Today we rested up for Carrcassone the next day so we played some table tennis and didn't do much work.

Mum had agreed to doing hula hoop lesson's (that won't go well) later in the week with Jenny.

We went to bed early.

7th of December

We woke ready for a day at The Castle of Carrcassone. We got all rugged up because it was freezing and started off on our 1.5 hr trip. We got to the town gobsmacked by the shear size of the castle glaring down on the town from atop it's tall hill. We went up through the entrance via the draw bridge on foot. But authorised vehicles were aloud inside. The Castle had an outer wall the a huge moat then an inner wall that was much bigger that the outer. When I researched castle these were some of the main characteristics of a castle that came up on most websites. It was really amazing to see it in real form still standing. Inside the castle itself is a town that is packed with restaurants. There were probably at least 70 restaurants just in this town. Also within the castle walls was a grand cathedral St Nazerie and a Chateau where the living lord would have lived. We first explored the chateau. It must have been old because there was one whole floor when in the kitchen above us that was missing. So there was a fireplace half way up the wall. Another thing is it was restored by the same guy who restored the Notre Dame in Paris. After exploring the Chateau we went to find a place for lunch. We looked around for a while there were so many restaurants to choose from then Dad chose the restaurant Adelaide ( a bit ironic) but it was full. Mum and Dad just gave up and we just settled for a small sandwicherie ( as they say in french). We then hurried off to the Cathedral. We looked around the Cathedral quickly it was quite amazing. But we had to get back to the car before it started to rain. The day was fun but tiring so we drove home with no stops. We ate dinner then went to bed.

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