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Like pure water, clean air, and good food, music is a driving force in my life. If I was stranded somewhere like Survivorman, as long as I had a headset & a live recorded Grateful Dead show and I WILL get by. Music is the soundtrack to life and can enhance any scenery for me. And since I'm comitted to writing this trip blog, I say this particular scene calls for an expert on Caribbean relaxation. Mr Parrothead himself, Jimmy Buffet's "First Look"

Fun tickets in my pocket, visions in my brain

Grand father always told me if I went down

I might never come back again.

I studied the language tapes

And I read all the books.

Still nothing prepared me for my

Very First Look.


It was my First Look

Baby that's all it took

Was my First Look



Amora premiera vista

Voce no kier queo insisto

Amora premiera vista

Reacion quimica

The final verse ends perfectly like this:

Now it's time for siestas

And a belly full of rice and beans

And figure if I'm brave enough

To repeat the whole crazy scene?

Leaving our darling girls behind with Mom & Bob was difficult to say the least. But our flight from Miami this afternoon was smooth & comfortable. We caught a bus to Playa Del Carmen from the airport. Wide eyed we watched out the windows for most of the ride. We wheeled our luggage 4 blocks right down the main pedestrian street, 5th avenue (or la quinta avenida) to our quaint little beachfront hotel, Playa Maya. We have definitely arrived in a very cool town!

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