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me with a camel!

Mari and I on the camel

hiking int he mountains

cuttin up our lunch

my hand henna

everyones henna

This is going to be just a quick update on Morocco because I dont have much time to elaborate, sorry!

Thursday: morning me Bente and Kirsten left for Madrid. In Madrid we were changing planes to head to Morocco but it was an 8 hou layover so we decided to catch the metro into Madrid and spend the day. Madrid was as awesome as before except it was decorated for christmas and it was very pretty... and cold.

We got back to the airport early but ended up having to wait there for forever for our flight and eventually took off for morocco! When we landed in Morocco our guide met us and we hd to take a car into the old city. here were four of us smushed into the back of an old car and I was practically sitting on the floor. it was strange having to walk through the narrow streets/alleyways to get to our hotel. then we met up with the rest of our group and headed to dinner. The dinner was good, cus cus of course.

Saturday: we woke up early and headed to the mountains to go camel riding! I shared my camel with Mari, one of the other girls. After that we all went to a burbur family's house where we sipped mint tea and listened to burbur music on their roof. Then we got to see how the agron oil was made and got to sample stuff, only because they wanted us to buy but I dont hve any money to buy stuff... Then we went further into the mountains to have lunch near the river. More yummy cus cus in a safron flavored broth. it was amazing. After lunch we took a hike in the mountains along the river to make it to the water fall. it was beautiful and it was fun to jump on the rocks over the river to get to it. Then it was to the rug shop where they told us in two minutes how the rugs were made and spent the next hour trying to get everyone to buy them. Dinner that night was nothing special. I didnt have the chicken donut thing because im trying to be vegetarian but the salad that i got instead had chicken on it... :/ haha. We ate fast and headed to this club where there was belly dancing. itwas fun but we were all tired from the day and wanted to get back and sleep!

Sunday: We got to sleep in a bit and then we headed to a local family's house where we helped prepare our lunch and then we headed to the local square were we could take pictures with monkies and snakes. I didnt want to pay for them and the monkies were smelly and the snakes were scary (even though I like snakes). We then walked through the market and to this garden which was really really pretty. I like plants! To get back to the family's house to eat our dinner, we took a horse carriage! The lunch that we made was really really good and served family style so we all just ate right out of the bowl. Then a lady who did henns came to the house and gave us all tattoos. I got one on my hand and the back of my neck. After hanging out at the family's house, listening to music and getting our henna, we headed to the markets to shop! The girls broke off into groups and I had a lot of fun. At one point I got hit by a little kid on his bike. I have a bruise. haha. There are so many people and a lot of scooters and bikes that you have to dodge. I guess he was so small that I looked right over him! After shopping we all had dinner in our hotel on the roof. we all brought blankets and got snug while eating our last meal together. I really got along well with the girls that I met and Im sad I didnt get to hang out with them more to get to know them more.

The next morning we all get in the bus and headed to the airport where we had to say goodbye to hanane our guide and hopped on the plane back to Roma.

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