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Sauveterre's grounds and swimming pool

Main building of Sauveterre

Nick playing intense ping pong

Harry playing intense ping pong

1st of December

After an enormous weekend in Paris we settled down and played some ping pong while doing some school work in between. It was freezing cold and mum needed the fire going night and day!! There is a thermometer in the courtyard of the house and some days it took ages before it got over 0 celcius and it really felt like it was going to snow!!

3rd of December

Today we did some work before going to Sauveterre in the afternoon for 1 more weekend before they break up for Christmas Holidays. We first played a game of football and 5 all was the end score. It got dark so we got dressed ready for for dinner. On Friday they always have fish. I'm sure that Nanna and Grandpa of Adelaide would also agree with them of that tradition. We ate our dinner then went off to bed. As always the first night sleeping at Sauveterre is always the hardest as Harry and I are not used to the racket that the students make.

4th of December

Slept aright but ready and pumped for the day ahead which would be finished off watching a game of football at Toulouse stadium...Toulouse versus Caen. We went to the Isle Jourdin Market like last time in the morning and went round with students who had been given money with the task of having to buy the most bizarre or outrageous product that they could find within the market. My partner and I got oysters but didn't win. Some kids bought live eels!!!After the market I asked one of the teachers whether they could ask one of the kitchen staff to shuck my oysters so I could eat them. They shucked them for me and stood at lunch and got everyone especially the girls to watch me eat the slimy black and grey personality of the oyster. They were delicious but absolutely disgusting for the girls and they weren't even eating them. We played for the rest of the afternoon until we had to get ready for the Toulouse football match. It was absolute mayhem. We all got on the big coach and we drove to Toulouse stadium. The match was awesome. The first half was pretty boring not much happened until the second half when Toulouse's striker ripped one in and scored. We all got a flag each for free. The Toulouse players looked like poofters in purple but they can still win. After that night of fun we all got to bed pretty quickly. Did I mention that Harry didn't sleep in our room. This mean't that we got to sleep a lot easier.

5th of December

Woke up feeling groggy. I got dressed and went down for breakfast. We ate breakfast it was yummy then we had free time for the whole day. I just played ping pong for the day. In the afternoon we played Mr Wood, a game I described in my last visit to Sauveterre. It was a very quick game my team won. So we played another and we won again. We packed our bags ready to be picked up by Mum and Dad and we said our goodbyes again.

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