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Porte de Paris

Hotel de Ville

Papin Boulevard

Ecole Nationale des Arts et Metiers

Parc Jean Baptiste Lebas

Boulevard de la Liberte'

Palais des Beaux-Arts

General Faidherbe

Placa de la Republique

Declaration of human rights

Placa de la Republique

Classic french architecture

Classic French Architecture

Pre'fecture building

Vive La France!

Lille a Ses Fusilles

canal de la Moyenne Deule

War Memorial

Citadelle now HQ French Rapid Reaction Forces

Citadelle outer ramparts

Porte Royale

Running path

Citadelle entrance

Citadelle info

Walk back over bridge

Quay off the canal

De La Barre

Breakfast included down in the basement of the old hospital. Corn flakes, orange juice, french bread stick baguettes with jam, coffee. Talking to some old bloke picked up another Aussie accent, he was from Jan Juc, a school teacher, he had been at the Australian War Memorial at Villers Bretonneux the previous day (being the 11th) and caught the service their, said the weather was docile, wind and rain.

Walk around Lille, not far from Hostel the Porte de Paris andjacent to the Hotel de Ville. Turn right up Boulevard de la Liberte' towards the Citadelle, stopping off at Placa de la Re'publique.


The great 17th century military architect, Sebastien le Prestre de Vauban, constructed this massive five pointed star-shaped fortress after the capture of Lille by French forces in 1667.

Walk back towards the station, meandering through the old streets. At Gare Lille Flandres jump on the train to Arras

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