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Bienvenue a Verdier

Wrapping the chocolates


What they use to coat raisins in chocolate





See the cocoa beans?


Now THIS is what I came for :)


See the chocolate tree ornaments?

Chocolate puzzle!

Yum yum

With my teammates for the pub quiz



For our last class outing, we went to the Verdier chocolate factory. The company was founded in Pau and they specialize in handmade chocolates.

First we were given a tour of the factory and were told a little bit of the back story to it. They also explained to us how the chocolates are made. It was a small factory so the tour wasn't very long, but it was still interesting.

Verdier makes all kinds of chocolate but they are the only ones to make Raisin Doré - chocolate covered white wine raisins from Jurançon vineyards. They crush the grapes themselves to make the raisins, and they make their own wine from the juice.

After watching them make some chocolates, we were then led to the gift store to do some tasting. At each station there was a bowl or a plate with different chocolates for customers to try - my favorite part ;)

Once everyone had tasted and bought what they wanted, we had to head back to school. We were early for the bus so we went and explored an old thrift store across the street. Later, back at school, our professor taught us some of the vocabulary from the thrift store and tested us on our knowledge of chocolate.

Later that night there was an English Tea Party put on by the university for all students in the English department and all those who can speak English. Unfortunately I was under the impression that it had been cancelled so I didn't make it to that one, but I did go to the pub quiz later on. I went with my roommate and we met up with some other students there. We were all on a team which we called "Les étrangers" since our team was made up by 7 people from 5 different countries :) We didn't win, but it was still fun! Sato and I did win door prizes though! I won a box of Christmas cards from England and Sato won a London egg cup.

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