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As one of our last activities together, the school organised a Christmas dinner for all of the IEFE students. We each paid 10 Euros and chose what we wanted to eat. There was also a gift exchange (with a 2 euro limit) among everyone.

First, as everyone arrived, we were handed our menus and told to get seated. They welcomed us to the dinner and invited us to have an 'aperatif'. It was serve yourself, but there were about 40 or 50 people and only one punch bowl and one ladle - not good planning on their part. A group of people from another country then sang one of their traditional christmas songs for us.

Next we were served dinner. We basically went to the cafeteria line, took what we ordered, and gave our menus away. The food was alright but to be honest, I have had better meals at La Vague (one of the cafeterias here) for much less. It was still nice to socialize though.

Next, there was basically an open floor for people to perform their own christmas traditions. The people who sang before danced for us and others sang Christmas carols in other languages. It was quite fun. A draw was then held for prizes such as Santa hats or bottles of wine.

Finally for the gift exchange, they basically told us that if we put a gift under the tree, we could go grab one. There was no one handing them out - just a free-for-all of people running to get the best present they could find and fast. It was interesting to say the least haha.

All in all however it was a really fun night :)

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