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We have enjoyed another easy, relaxing day today.

We shared our morning coffee and then changed the bed linen, and Marilyn did a load of laundry.

After that, Marilyn spent time in her chair, reading her latest book, while I played on the computer.

One thing which came up was the arrival of our replacement e-reader, which we were glad to see.

The issue with the new reader was that I was totally unable to get it “authorized” in the e-book store. After numerous tries, I gave in and called Sony Tech Support.

I spoke with a computer guy in Costa Rica. He was unable to help for quite some time, but finally, after maybe an hour or longer on the phone, he found the problem and was able to fix it on line.

The new reader is now authorized and I downloaded four books from our library into the new reader.

That whole episode seemed to take most of the afternoon.

Marilyn is heading off to a WW meeting with Sue later today.

She will wait until she returns from that meeting to eat her dinner, so I told her that I would take care of the meal, and save some for her to eat later. I think maybe I’ll fix some kraut and smoked sausage as the main course.

We have eaten only a turkey sandwich today. Doing good on this diet thing. LOL

We had our windows open for most of the day today, but a barking dog and the construction of a storage building for Jan next door, created enough noise to force a closing of the open windows.

The clouds in the sky opened enough to allow the sun to shine through, off and on, for much of the afternoon.

That allowed the cool temps we have experienced for a day or so, to moderate, and we reached the low 70’s today.

Just another day in paradise, I guess.

I know one thing for sure…………….Life is Good!

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