Joanne & Daves round the world trip 2010 travel blog

hot tea stright from a vending machine

strolling through the park and we came across this.

Mt Fuji

Maple trees everywhere. I loved them

Geishas on their way to work






The wonderful toilets

A Bomb Building. Only surviving building left since the A bomb was...

Our accomodation HUUGE room!!!!

The most stylished people i have ever seen

Alcatraz themed restaurant

Our roomy bathroom!!!

A bomb building before and after

Kyoto building

Buy your puppy for about 1,000 euro. Cheap hey!

Car park, lift door opens and takes your car away

inside a Japanese castle

Cat cafe

Inside a shopping centre. Unreal this was a fake sky!!

Christen themed cafe

Awh poor Dave. (Alcatraz cafe)

Friendly deer


Doggy christmas menu

Display of food for restaurant. This was at all restaurants

Japanese gardens



local play


Hmmmm remind you of anyone??

more food


local school kids shocked when seeing guy with the crazy hair

Shiubya crossing.

shopping shopping centre with fake sky

This photo was taken during the day. This was very common. Men...

kyoto street with Geisha


Sushi we bought for 10euro. Prices went up to 500euro

we went to a parisite museum. This is a picture of an...


Typical friends walking around

Typical shops

one ugly fish

Japan from the 8th December until the 22nd So much to do, so little time to see everything.Japan was amazing.


We spent a week in Tokyo. We went to a different district of Tokyo everyday. Each district was a city in itself. We stayed in a self catering room. The room was tiny barely able to walk into the room with our backpack's.The city is big, crazy clean and amazing. For example Akihabara was the techno area. Streets lined with neon lights and shops filled with the latest equipment. There were also so many shops dedicated to Amine (cartoon characters) grown men and women go to these shops to buy dolls and costumes of their favorite cartoon charters.

My first shock was the toilets!! (see photo) you can warm the seat play music and all sorts of other things weird functions. Very common in Tokyo is their themed cafes. There are cafes called maid cafes. These are cafes where girls serve all cute and cuddly themed foods. We went to a cat cafe this is where to PAY!! to play with a cat while having coffee!! we also went to a prison themed cafe. There we sat in a jail cell been served food like prisoners in trays. Other restaurants we ate at were vending machine cafes. You place order in vending machine then collect your food from counter.

Pets were number one in Tokyo. Pet are pampered dressed and even get there own pram. It was unreal. Most small dogs had there own pram being wheeled about the place. There was a who department store dedicated to pets, buy jewelry deserts,ice cream even Christmas dinner for your dog.

Some parks in Tokyo attracts all shorts of street performers and just kids who like to dress up. This was strange seeing people dressed up as nuns, cartoon characters etc.


We hopped on the bullet train to Kyoto. Excellent service. Kyoto was steeped in history. lovely old Japanese buildings and streets. Saw lots of Geisha's in Kyoto. Men pay approx 2,000euro to have tea with these geisha's. Think the Geisha's have tea and maybe play a musical instrument for 2grand. WHOW!!!


Back on bullet train to Hiroshima. This is where the A bomb was dropped. Totally of 140,000 people died. 70,000 died in seconds and the rest died indirectly. Now the city has totally revamped itself and no trace of the A bomb only one building that was left as a memorial site. Osaka Not alot to do in Osaka another cosmopolitan city. Tokyo was much nicer.

Japan overall was excellent would love to go back

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