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Approaching the Bridge

Looking sideways from way up there

Family Fun

Strikingly beautiful

It actually looks surreal

Lunch was good

Our cool car and the bridge from below

Road trip realities, but check out the bridge in the background

Mom is working

Scenic lookout

Really scenic

Kids at the WWE wrestling in Montpellier!

We had an enjoyable breakfast and even played a few board games before departing the hotel. The sun was shining and we had a great drive to the Millau Viaduct.

This is the highest bridge in the world, completed in 2006, and it spans a huge valley. In past years there were huge traffic jams when people from Paris headed south to Spain in August. Now, with this 4 lane span, things go smoothly.

We had lunch at the tourist centre, and then drove under the bridge on our way back towards Montpellier. We checked into a super economy hotel right by the airport, which was also next to the arena where the WWE was putting on RAW wrestling for their French (and 3 small Canadian) fans. Apparently 80% of the guests at the hotel that night were wrestling fans.

We hit a very busy McDonalds (one of just 2 meals we've eaten at the chain since being here) before the show. The kids had a great time cheering for the wrestlers they have recently been cheering on TV on Friday nights. At least on TV the voiceover is in French, this show was surprisingly in English, despite the crowd being virtually entirely French!

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