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Outside Chambord castle

Chambord Castle

Chambord Castle

Outside Chambord Castle

Hall of Chambord Castle

Chambord Castle

Chambord Castle

Ruby in Chambord

Harry Chenon Ceau Castle

Chenon Ceau Castle

Kids on there way to Chenon Ceau Castle

29th of November

Today we drove down to a huge castle called Chateau Chambord. This Castle was the most amazing castle with ten different pillars. The interesting bit was that one part of the castle was made at a later stage of construction and done by a different owner. The later part of the castle was far less detailed than the earlier stage of construction. The most amazing bit was that it was covered in 8 inches of snow. When inside there was an amazing double spiral stair case intertwined with each other. it was called a double helix staircase and apparently was designed by Leonardo da vinci . It was awesome. Then around the spiral stair case were four huge hall ways in the shape of a cross leading into other rooms. We looked around the castle looking at all floors (very confusing). We then walked back to the car park and got on our way to stay the night in the Loire Valley at the coolest hotel. The hotel room's are in the side of a river bank and are called "troglodyte" rooms. The rooms were huge and surrounded by limestone. We all slept in the same room. At night it wasn't the best as Dad snored like a Rhino with a blocked nose.

30th of November

Today we started our drive home but stopped off again at another castle this one was built over the Cher river. It is called Chenonceau. With this chateau you got to see more of the working components of a castle but it was a lot smaller then Chambord. You got to see a lot of bedrooms with furniture as well as the kitchen area with the pot's and pans. In the kitchen there had to be 20 different cake tins alone. After searching the castle we decided to explore the labyrinth/maze in the the amazing gardens...the french really know how to do manicured gardens. Throughout the labyrinth there were frozen puddles. We would try and get the biggest piece of ice we could from those puddles. We left that castle and drove home.

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