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Dessert Bar Decorations

Larry Seelke Reading a Story

Some Choir Members Singing Christmas Songs

Barb Rehmborg Accompanying Singers at Piano

This morning at church we had a combined service with Nueva Vida, our Spanish-speaking congregation. The choirs and orchestras were also combined and led by the Nueva Vida director. For each song we would sing a verse in Spanish and then in English. The Nueva Vida pastor delivered the sermon, which was very ably interpreted by a woman in the English-speaking congregation. It was all good.

Tonight my adult Bible fellowship (ABF), Joint Heirs, had our Christmas party. After the bountiful feast, some members of the choir sang two Christmas songs and then we had our "white elephant" gift exchange. Some of the gifts were very funny and some were not white elephants at all. I made out like a bandit; mine was a gift certificate from the Auto Day Spa for a car wash, oil change, tire rotation and front end alignment. This came at a very good time for me and I'm thankful. I'll need to make an appointment for Sweet Pea's day at the spa.

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