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We planned a relaxing day today, but did have a few chores to complete.

Marilyn had a grocery list compiled and wanted to make a trip to Wally World.

We had finished our coffee when Ted & Sue dropped by. We loaned them a computer modem to try out. It seemed to work ok and they returned it later in the day.

In the meantime, Marilyn & I made our journey to Walmart and did our shopping.

Back at the RV, Marilyn fixed a low-cal dessert to take over to Ted & Sue’s house tonight.

I fixed oyster stew for our lunch, using some of the fresh oysters we bought at Reyes Seafood Market, yesterday.

Have you seen the price of fuel lately?

Thanks to our government policy of no drilling for oil, anywhere off the coast, the oil prices are going up as is the price for fuel.

More people out of work and oil prices going up. Of course that has an effect on everything else.

Oh well, no rant for me today. It is too nice outdoors to get all worked up.

We drove over to Ted & Sue’s place at 4:00, to visit with these good friends and try some of her tortilla soup.

We enjoyed our time with Ted & Sue. Sitting on their deck with snacks and a cold drink, perfect weather, and good company.

What a fine combination!

The meal was just fine and I fear that I may have made a pig of myself.

It was nearly 8:00 PM by the time we parked in our own drive and settled down inside for the night.

We have our windows open again. It is so quiet here at night, and we sleep so good with the cool, night air coming in the window.

Now another fine day has faded into the book of memories inside our mind.

All is well with family and friends, so we are so thankful that we can be sure………………..Life is Good!

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