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South Padre Island was our destination today.

We picked up Ted & Sue at 10:00 and we headed east toward the Island and the beach.

We took snacks and cold drinks but planned to have lunch at Dirty Al’s, which serves some of the finest seafood around this part of the country.

Last week, I had spoken to our friend, Gilbert, on the phone and promised to eat some oysters on the half shell for him.

The first thing ordered was our drinks, Cokes and a tea for me.

Next was the appetizer of one dozen oysters on the half shell.

They were quite small but tasty and that set up the main course very well.

Marilyn and Sue ordered the shrimp kabobs, which were grilled shrimp. Large and delicious!

Ted ordered blackened fish and it was also delicious, according to both, Ted & Sue.

I ordered a mixed basket of shrimp, oysters and fish. Most dishes were served with fries on the side.

Once that wonderful lunch was eaten, we headed to the beach.

We paid the $3.00 fee to access the beach and drove north on the sand until we found a nice place to park for the afternoon.

We strolled on the beach, enjoying the beautiful blue water, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and the many shells and sea creatures we encountered.

The sun was bright but the breeze kept us very comfortable.

I must tell you that all of us had serious matters on our mind. I will not go into detail but the health of family members and a friend was on our minds. Prayers and a flow of phone calls helped and I would simply ask that you add the concerns of all of us to your prayer list.

We stopped at Reyes Seafood Market on the way back to the resort, where we made purchases of shrimp, oysters, and scallops.

There will be some “good eating” in the near future.

Back at the RV we prepared for a quiet evening.

I downloaded some pictures to share with you, so I had better get started.

Be sure that………….Life is Good!

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