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They found ancient mosaics when they started digging to built the winery







This wine is the same age as me!





My class (half of it anyways)




Hard to tell but that bottle of wine on the left was...

Hmm...this name is familiar...







The lights over place clemencau





Adriana and I

Yara, me, Michele, and Adriana


Roasting chicken over a fire

This guy powered the fire by riding his bike


Yara and I





We found a stormtrooper! According to him we had to grow taller...

This guy said he was Michael Jackson...hmm...


I found a wonderful souvenir! Now how to get it home?




The 7 dwarves hut...completely made of chocolate...






For our next outing with school, our teacher decided to take us to the winery in Jurançon. We were late getting there since that was the first day it snowed (and the people of Pau aren't fully equipped to deal with the snow) so unfortunately we had to rush through part of the tour.

Anyways, a man who worked there took us on a tour of the winery and for a tasting afterwards of 3 of their wines. It was really fun.

After, my friend Adriana and I went to our friend Yara's for lunch. We had a great afternoon there, sharing music and stories. We met up again later that night to explore Pau to see the christmas lights (which were beautiful)

There was a telethon fundraiser going on at the Chateau which we missed, but we did come across what first looked like a carnaval. It was a continuation of the telethon. They sold some local soup, crepes, french pastries, roasted chickens, and wine in order to raise money for underprivileged children. They also had a band playing music all night as people sang and danced. They also had random dancers and characters show up (including a stormtrooper and a man who said he was Michael Jackson...)

Finally to finish off the night we headed to a nearby pub and were met up by a large group of other students from the program. It was a lot of fun!

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