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Nice show with music at Bellagio. About 10 minutes.

Our home for the next 3 days

Ryan in front of Pirate ship. He wouldn't let me take is...

We had to cross an overhead walkway. View is looking north.










Today, Ryan and I explored the strip. Because of our distance from the Strip, our options were to drive my truck, take a taxi or use their bus system. Since I'd probably have an anxiety attack trying to find my way in the truck, as well as finding a place to park, the truck was out. A taxi would be too expensive, so we opted to try the bus idea.

The bus stop was only a couple hundred feet from the park, so that was a good thing. The bad thing is that we saw our bus go by on the other side of the street - a four lane, busy street - and it took it another half hour to make it back to us. But we got on the right one and we were on our way. You can get a day pass - good for 24 hours on any bus in the system - for $5.00, so was a good deal. We also weren't too sure of the routes, so we go off when the bus arrived at the strip. We also didn't know whether there was a bus that took us down the strip, so we just decided to walk. After all, we were ON the strip. Little did we know, the strip is 8 MILES long, so we walked, and walked, and walked....... We walked a good 2-3 miles before reaching the "active" part of the strip. I suppose in some off-color way, the walk did me good! At least it gave me the excuse to stop in a casino to rest! (and drop a coin or two) And did I tell you Ryan's legs are longer than mine........?!

Neither of us wanted to spend a lot of time gambling, as neither of us wanted to lose our shirts right away. So we pretty much did the touristy, sight seeing routine for most of the day. We did stop in at Circus Circus to watch an act, which wasn't too bad. African acrobats. One guy was REALLY limber, as he could bend pretty much in half - backwards. They also did some neat pyramids. Not sure that's the right term - you know, where one guy is on the bottom, and everyone else piles on top. In this case, there were about six of them. Good balance and strength though.

I'm glad we were at Circus Circus during the off season, as based on the number of games in that place - and I mean the type you see at the County or State Fair - it must be nuts when it's full of kids.

So, we walked, and walked. Had lunch someplace - can't even remember where. The closer we got to the main part of the strip, where the big name casino's are located, the crowd got thicker too. We gambled a little bit here and there, but since neither of us was doing any good, we decided to head back. But before we did, we were able to catch the fountain show at the Bellagio. It's acually rather nice. Oh, the other reason for going back was that the table minimums were much higher down here - basically nothing less than $10.00. Have you ever wondered about those people who play the $100 minimum tables? Must be nice.

By this time, we had watched and learned a little bit more about the buses, so we were able to catch the "strip" bus - called "Deuce", and made it back to the terminal, where we caught our bus to the park. Of course, this time, we got off across the street and dodged traffic to reach our side. Not a problem folks, the traffic was lighter, and we can both still run!

I think we stopped by the Boulder Station for a few minutes, then turned in for the night.

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