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I just want to discuss a famous concept in Fiji called "Fiji Time". Below are examples of Fiji Time:

1) Bus timetable says the bus will arrive 11am, bus will arrive at 12.30pm or not at all!

2) 2 weeks ago we were meant to get the 4.30am Ferry from Ovalau to Suva, we got there for 4am, ferry left the port at 9.30am

3) Van was supposed to come to deliver something to us at 2pm on a Sat and arrived the following morning

4) If a Fijian says we will be "there in a while", or "we are on the way" it means they will get there 3 hours later

5) The Grog Session will start at 6pm and starts at 10.30pm

It took me a while to adjust to this way of life, being an Engineer for 4 years where every detailed had to be planned out to the nearest minute hasn't helped, but i am getting worn done!

I am currently reading "The Tropic of Capricorn" by Henry Miller and listening to Metric alot.

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