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Some days are better than others. It has been awhile since I experienced a Grrrr…. Day. Today was the day however.

Let me explain.

I awoke during the night, and not knowing what time it was, decided that it must be near morning, because I felt the need to make a bathroom visit.

On my way back to the bed, I glanced at the clock and it read 3:17.

What!!!! That was the first Grrr…. moment.

I lay there in bed trying to go back to sleep, but it was hopeless and I got up at 5:00.

Marilyn joined me about 7:00 and we had our morning coffee, with soft music on the sound system and the fireplace on for ambiance.

OK, maybe the Grrr… was a fluke and things would go well for the rest of the day.

I showered and dressed for the day. When I checked my cash, I decided that I might need some additional money, as we planned to go to Mexico today for my dental appointment, lunch and some shopping.

No problem. I’ll just drive over to Walmart and get some cash from the ATM.

I was on the frontage road and had just beun to slow down for the turn in at Walmart, when a Van went by me doing about 70, cut over right in front of me and slammed on their brakes to make the turn into Walmart. Grrr….

The Van then ran a stop sign and pulled up to a gas pump.

I thought about following to give the driver a piece of my mind but changed my mind and just chalked it up to “another idiot on the road”.

I walked inside and went directly to the ATM machine. There was an Asian lady using the ATM at the time so I stood about 10 feet behind her and waited……….and waited……….and waited.

Several other guys were now waiting behind me.

The lady read every word on the screen, and still screwed up the directions. She finally seemed to get it right and I saw on the screen in large type, “OVERDRAWN”.

That didn’t seem to phase her as she whipped out another card and withdrew money from that account. Then another card, pausing to read the directions completely, every time.

Finally, after using four or five cards, she finished and walked off, totally oblivious to the three or four guys waiting behind her.


Marilyn had asked me to pick up some milk and one other item while I was at the store, so I did that within a couple of minutes.

Walmart had only three checkouts open! Grrr….

The one nearest the groceries was for 20 items or less and had seven or eight people with carts lined up. Grrr….

The checkout next to that one was for larger purchases and had three folks with carts filled to the brim, waiting in line. Grrr….

I walked all the way to the checkout near the pharmacy. It was the only remaining checkout which was open.

There was a lady checking out, then a lady with a cart about half full behind her. This second lady had easily 25 to 30 items, but OK, I thought.

The next person had only a few items and some clothing.

Back to the first lady who was nearly finished as I walked up to stand in line.

The register ran out of paper, so the cashier went off looking for a roll of paper while we all stood waiting. Grrr….

She finally returned, to an even longer line by now, and fixed the register.

The lady with 25 to 30 things was next and had nearly everything piled on the counter, when a friend of hers appeared and handed her three or four more items. Then a little boy appeared and handed her a package of cookies. Grrr….

The lady handed the cookies to the little boy as soon as they had been scanned, and he immediately opened them up and started eating the cookies.

As they were nearly finished checking out, the little guy began screaming. He had dropped his cookies and some were crushed, so he sat down on the floor with the crumbs, screaming and blocking any access to the register. Grrr….

Finally I was finished and headed back home but was not in great humor.

The rest of the day went just fine, though.

Our trip over to Mexico was fun. We bought some DVD movies, some meds, and some vanilla.

I got a filling in one of my front teeth, at a price of only $40, and we ate lunch with Ted & Sue, at an outdoor restaurant.

The dentist did an excellent job and it was totally painless. I am very pleased about that.

So, all in all, after the initial run to Walmart, it has been a fine day.

After all………………..Life is Good!

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