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Outside of The Palais de Papes in Avignon


19th of November

We drove all day from Bellagio to Avignon and arrived in the early evening. It rained the whole day, so it was good to be in the car. There was a market of local produce in the town square which we could see from our hotel room, but it was too miserable to venture to the stalls. Later, we went to a local bistro for dinner. Dad had terrible tooth ache so we got in and out as quickly as possible and had an early night before a long drive home. The next day Dad wasn't feeling the best so Mum and the kids had breakfast while Dad stayed in the hotel room. We then went to the Palace of the Popes. This Palace was built around the Bishop of Avignon's residence when the papacy was based in France during the fourteenth century. It was used for a century by the Popes because Rome had many political issues during this period. The palace was built in stages. It was interesting to learn how the Popes at that time lived, managed the monies of the Church and celebrated. At the inauguration of one Pope, there were hundreds of animals eaten as well as tens of thousands of eggs and almost one hundred thousand loaves of bread. Must have been some celebration. The Palace was in reasonable condition, given that it had been occupied by the French army as a barracks in the 19th century. When we finished our tour, it started to rain so we got a few photos and then quickly got on the road. it was another five hour drive, so we didn't get got home until early evening. We were all pretty tired, so we had dinner and went to bed.

20th - 24th of November

For the next couple of days we did work, watched movies and made fires. The weather was generally cold and wet or cold and foggy. On the Monday night we went to dinner at Louise's house (really the Barrs house). We ate a tasty dinner and played COD on there PS3.

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