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A cold front moved in during the night last night, and we only got up to the low to mid 70’s today.

That is a far cry from the too warm 89 degrees we experienced yesterday.

After our normal morning coffee routine, Marilyn began cleaning house. I made the bed for her and then went out doors to “get away” from the frenzy. LOL

I put the trash on the curb for pickup, then walked across the street to visit with Gary, who was sitting outdoors in the bright sunshine.

Later, I took the time to walk over to the mail box and discovered that the book I had been expecting from Tony Albasini had arrived.

Now I have to decide whether to finish the book I have been reading, or put it on hold and read the one Tony sent.

We had an e-mail from our friends, Richard and Diana, who live in Colorado Springs, and they informed us that the temperature was 5 degrees. That’s right! FIVE Degrees! Brrrrr………..

We look forward to seeing our friends in Colorado next summer, when the temps are much warmer. LOL

Marilyn put some pork ribs in the slow cooker with BBQ sauce. That will be the basis for a delicious meal this evening.

Marilyn is going off to a WW meeting with Sue at 5:30 so I will be home alone for part of the evening.

She had the RV all squeaky clean, then showered and dressed to go to her meeting.

The RV smells really good from the aroma of the BBQ ribs in the slow cooker.

It sure is another beautiful day today.

The windows are all open and there is a nice breeze coming in, along with low humidity and very nice temperatures in the 70’s.

Someone is mowing their lawn and the sound of the mower in the distance is one of those simple pleasures I like to mention once in a while.

So another day passes into the memory bank, and we are blessed for sure.

Life is Good!

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