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We're in the Adventure Capital of the World and I'm adventurous, dammit! Today was full of jumping off of things. My ears have popped so many times from the altitude changes. This place is NUTS! I SO want to move to Queenstown.

So, my day started with the Nevis Bungy. This is a 134 meter drop above a river. That's 8.5 seconds of freefall, people. Count 8.5 seconds out loud. Actually, try SCREAMING for 8.5 seconds and you might get a sense of what I'm talking about. And that 8.5 seconds is just the time before the bungy even kicks in. There's much more droppage after. I must be insane. Anyway, I was all about bungying today...until I got on the truck taking us out to the gondola that takes us out to the ledge. I started crying a good hour before the jump. lol. I'm such a pansy. When the moment came, though, I did it. Somehow. Most exciting thing I've done in my life. So freakin' scary and ridiculously fun at the same time. I would do it again in an instant.

Megan and I ate FergBerger for lunch. These burgers are "special" and this place is famous.

Immediately after lunch, I went directly to the Ledge bungy, the only urban Bungy in Queenstown. The Ledge is crazy. It is like no other bungy, in that it comes equipped with a 'runway' to launch you out 400 metres over Queenstown. You have to take a gondola up to the platform...the same gondola that took us to the Skyline Restaurant last night. I had every intention of doing a flip at the end of the runway, but, when I reached the end of the runway, something happened and I just kept running. LOL. It was like a scene out of Dumb and Dumber...where Jim Carey is running through the bridge that connects the plane to the terminal and just keeps running when he reaches the end of it. I'm pretty sure I was still running when I started to drop. LOL. I have the pictures to prove how ridiculous I looked.

Next, Meggo and I gathered with the others who had signed up for the Canyon Swing. Okay...bear with me here as I try to explain. lol. The rush starts at a platform as you leap or launch from a 109 meter high cliff edge. There are about a dozen different kinds of jumps you can do...from being pushed of the cliff in a lawnchair to flying face-first toward the ground, superman style. Gravity accelerates you for 60 meters of freefall super close to the vertical cliff face. Reaching speeds of 150kph as the canyonous rocks rush towards you before the ropes smoothly swing you past. I opted for the lawnchair, as I didn't actually have to be the one to pull the trigger. The guys who work this attraction are super funny. They mess with you in a way that I've never been messed with before. They strapped me into a plastic lawnchair, then, making me believe that I wasn't yet strapped to anything, they yanked me to the platform's edge backwards. I screamed and grabbed onto them. Then, they leaned me back in the chair, so I was teetering on the edge of the ledge, tilted backwards and freaking out. After pulling me back and forth a few times and having a conversation amongst themselves while dangling me over the ledge about whitening toothpaste, they finally, without warning, let me go and I went tumbling off the edge of the ledge, still strapped to the lawn chair. Lots of obscenities could be heard for miles, I'm guessing. SO exciting and SO much fun. I loved it so much I went back for more and Megan and I did a tandem drop called Gimp Boy goes to Hollywood. For this drop, they suspended us, upside down and pointing above us toward the ground, over the canyon and then, again without warning, dropped us. Incredible rush.

After the canyon swing, we went out as a group to an ice bar, where everything was made of ice and we rented uggs and parkas. The glasses were even made of ice! We could only stand being there for about 40 minutes and then went across the street to another bar, where we spent the remainder of the night. Kiera and Luke met us out, and it was awesome to see them again! Sometime early in the night, though, my cards stopped working at the bar we were out, setting me off into a panic and I left to go to an internet cafe to get it sorted out. Turns out, there was nothing wrong with my was the bar's reader. Still, it messed up my night and put me in a really bad mood, so I went back to the hotel and crashed. I'm starting to miss having some sense of normalcy.

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