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We are sleeping very well now that things have settled down and we are at home here in the valley.

Jennifer called about 6:30 this morning. I had just rolled out of bed and was “indisposed” so Marilyn got up to answer the phone.

Jennifer just wanted to talk. She was up early because Colby was not feeling well.

We hate it when those little ones get sick.

He couldn’t have a better care giver than his Mom, who is a registered nurse.

We started our day with coffee and finished it off before taking our showers and getting dressed for church.

We drove to the Rec Hall for the non-denominational church service this morning. Sue was singing in the choir and we sat with Ted. As we left after the service, we met Lynn & Ruth Ann, who had also been in attendance.

We chatted with these nice folks for awhile then drove back to our RV. We arrived just ahead of Ted & Sue, who picked us up, to drive to breakfast at the Cortez Hotel in Weslaco.

As we neared the restaurant we were talking about mutual good friends, Gilbert & Louise. Ted’s cell phone rang and it was Gilbert, calling from their home in Canada.

Ted & I both spoke with Gilbert. It sure was nice to hear his voice again.

Gilbert explained that he and Louise will leave Canada around Dec 15th, and plan to spend the winter in Florida.

Before we hung up, I promised to eat oysters on the half shell for Gilbert when we go to South Padre Island next Friday.

After a fine meal, with all but me having breakfast, we headed back to the resort. I had lunch since we could order either breakfast or lunch.

Marilyn sat outdoors reading for awhile as I bowled a couple of games on the Wii system.

I rode the bicycle to the mail box to check our mail.

We are waiting for some RV parts from Mobile Suites, a book from Tony & Jackie, and an e-reader from Sony.

Both of us ended up inside watching a movie on TV.

The weather was fantastic again today. This is what we like for weather!

Another fine day! Man……….Life is Good!

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