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Turtle farm

A turtle at the turtle farm

That's the hotel zone in Cancun across the water

Entrance to Hacienda Mundaca

Hacienda Mundaca

I felt bad for this jaguar

Wild boars


Spider monkeys

Spider monkey


This is NOT our hotel... we just snuck in for a look...

Lauren and I are both feeling a little bit sunburned, so we decided to take a day off of the beach and check out the sites on Isla Mujeres. Unfortunately, there's not really much to see. We took a bus to the other end of the island and visited the Tortugranja, or turtle farm, but it wasn't a great time of the year to see turtles. Sometimes visitors can see baby turtles and turtles as large as 350 lbs, but we just saw a few ordinary-sized turtles. The admission price was only $2, so no big deal.

After the turtle farm, we walked down the road to Hacienda Mundaca, which is the remains of an estate built by a 19th century slave trader and reputed pirate, Fermin Antonio Mundaca de Marechaja, for his Mexican love, known as La Trigueña (The Brunette). While Mundaca built the house, La Trigueña married another islander and Mundaca's estate fell into disrepair after he died, brokenhearted. Today, the grounds hold some unimpressive ruins and a depressing zoo with spider monkeys, a jaguar, a boa constrictor, crocodiles, peccaries, and the smallest species of deer on the North American continent. After we took the bus back into town for lunch, we decided to rent a golf cart in the afternoon to explore the island a little more thoroughly. A little unremarkable, but inexpensive and a nice break from the sun.

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