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Orleans cathedral dedicated to Jeanne d'Arc

Jeanne d'Arc statue Orleans

liberation of orleans as depicted in musee model

stained glass jeanne one of many

medieval house half timber brick orleans

crepe break

kiri's new chic boots

hiking boots french style

jeanne statue with schrapnel wounds from WWII

Loire Valley

Orléans –

Turns out the Loire is not navigable; so much for my idea of travelling by boat. The closest we managed was to treat ourselves to an afternoon coffee and crêpe break on board a boat-restaurant on the bank of the river in Orléans.

We seem to be travelling in the path of Joan of Arc… First encounter in Eu, then of course in Rouen where she was put to death, and now in Orleans, the city she saved. We visited the cathedral dedicated to her, and a cute little museum (where we were given free admission, since there was only 30 minutes to closing time and no one else there!) in a house where she lived for a short while. (Centuries-old buildings are so commonplace here in Europe!)

Kiri can only take so much history and cathedral gawking… but she’s up for shopping any time! Highlight of the day for Kirianne: we splurged on a shopping spree and bought her some stylish French boots! NOT the stylish French hiking boots, though!






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