Kia Shnette 2010 travel blog

I like this place, but I am kind of getting tired of it also. It is very small and easy to walk around the main parts very quickly. Also, there are a LOT of mosquito and I feel like their feeding farm. I have been all around the area with my ex-friend Laxman. I say ex because the man can't quite comprehend the words "no touching." He has Russian hands and Roman fingers. Anyway he has a motorcycle and he took me all around to some caves to see the surrounding villages, temples and also to the Boddhi tree. It was nice for a few days, but he has been crossed off my list. I went to the movies the other night with him and some friends. The movie was all in HIndi but it was still interesting none the less. Indian films last 3 hours with an intermission, and they also bring you a free cup of soda during the film. I have befriended a 10 year old boy named Jitesh. He is a little hustler that one. Somehow he has gotten a new tee-shirt, shoes, a pair of socks, a bag pack and school supplies out of me. I met him 3 days ago because he was trying to sell me postcards and I kept refusing but he kept following me around so finally I just gave in and bought him lunch. I am leaving Bodh Gaya on the 28th for Kolkata and following my original plan but in reverse. Love to all!!!!!!

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