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At the Charcuterie/Boucher

Shirley and Yara

La hure

Le coustou

Les blettes

Les endives

La roquette

Le greuil (this is very fresh lamb cheese that is delicious with...

Jambon du pays


Le fromage du pays

Le boudin


Le mache

Le magret

Le confit de canard

La hampe

Les gras doubles (before it's cooked)

La longe de porc


La croustade

Les graisserons


Le pastis



La Triperie









Pigeon...doesn't sound any tastier in French



These are famous here


On weekends this marketplace is PACKED


Giant bread









Enjoying a beignet chocolat ( basically a nutella filled doughnut - healthy,...



My salad



The master chefs

To educate us a little more on Basque French culture, our teacher sent us on a bit of a scavenger hunt. We were organized into groups and were sent to the market in the center of town to take pictures of local food. We had a list of foods she knew we wouldn't know so we would have to interact with the people working and shopping there. We had to take pictures and notes to share with our class the next day.

She also assigned a particular store to each group where we would go and ask specific questions. I was paired with Shirley (American) and Yara (Brazilian)and we were assigned le boucher/charcuterie. We finished pretty quickly. Everyone was very friendly and helped us find all that we needed. A few of them joked around with us too (including scaring Shirley when she was already antsy about a few things we saw haha)

After the market, I was invited to Shirley's for Thanksgiving dinner (I was only too happy to accept after missing out on the Canadian Thanksgiving!). We had a huge meal of stuffed turkey, pomegranate and feta salad, fried rice, mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes, and some local pastries for dessert all while listening to Christmas music (it's not too early is it?). All in all it was a great day!

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