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Chinku on his way to school

Getting ready to fly back to Delhi today and meet up with my parents and my uncle and aunt (chacha and chachi). I have to cram all the shopping I did into one suitcase and mentally prepare myself for the pat down at the airport.

Rained all night and it's a beautiful morning. Breezy and sunny - everything seems so much cleaner here after it rains.

Chinku and I went to the Siddh Temple this morning - it's famous for this area. No shoes allowed and my feet are now permanently black - rain can be a problem if you have to walk the streets barefoot. Supposedly Amitabh Bachchan, India's most famous Bolywood star walks barefoot to this temple once year, from his home, which is at least 10 miles away. We only walked about 100 feet so I shouldn't complain.

Chinku found a fabulous salon and had a blow out yesterday for $20 - still not as cheap as China Town in NYC!

There are as many crows as there are people here. They're really big and vocal. I think they're trying to tell us something...but nobody is listening.

Time to pack!

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