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Wow! It is HOT down here in the Rio Grande Valley! Today it reached nearly 90 degrees and even the brisk breeze blowing at 20 mph didn’t make it feel good enough to be active outdoors.

Marilyn did sit in her lounge chair reading her book, but she stayed in the shade once the early morning clouds went away.

After our morning coffee, Marilyn straightened the kitchen, doing dishes, etc, while I made the bed and then took my shower.

She put a load of laundry in to wash while I went outdoors to test the weather. LOL

I walked to the mailbox and back, then dragged the air compressor out of the storage area and aired up the bicycle tires.

We tested the bikes with a short ride, but the heat and the wind assured that it was a short ride.

After lunch I laid my body on the bed to read for a bit. I did close my eyes for awhile. That seems to be automatic when I try to read for very long. No matter how interesting the book, after about 20 minutes, my eyelids begin slamming shut.

Things are pretty quiet here because there aren’t many people here yet. I suspect that the park will begin to fill up after the holidays.

With so many of our friends spending the winter in other parts of the country, it seems different down here this winter.

Maybe it is the weather but I seem to lack enthusiasm for activity, and enjoy being lazy and just spending relaxing time with Marilyn.

It was that way in Colorado and we enjoyed spending quiet time together.

Of course this year, the combination of the recent flood and the problems along the Mexican border, have taken a few activities off the table.

The hand pulled ferry that we enjoyed when we took our bikes across the river into Mexico, is out of business, thanks to the damage done by the flood. Pepe’s on the River is also gone.

The golf course here will open on Dec 1st, after some repairs are completed, to repair flood damage.

Rio Bentsen State Park is mostly closed for the same reason.

Going across the border to Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, is still fun, and we want to make several trips to South Padre Island, once the Thanksgiving holiday is over.

So, adventures await us! We need to get busy so that I have more interesting things to write about. LOL

One thing for sure…………..Life is Good!

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